The consumerization of healthcare. We’re all hearing about it as health systems and providers continue to react to its impact. Today’s patients are proactive, savvy consumers who want to be in control of their own health information, fill prescriptions when they want and get care when they need it. A recent report reveals that consumers expect simple and reliable digital interactions for healthcare transactions, and they want their digital experience to more closely mirror major online retailers. In fact, many would change physicians to get a better online experience.

To gain deeper insight into how today’s healthcare consumers are searching for and scheduling care, we collected and analyzed relevant scheduling data from online appointments made through DocASAP in the last year. Our findings reveal some interesting insights behind this transformation being driven by consumerization. When it comes to today’s value-oriented, digitally savvy consumers, they expect timely access, convenience, and transparency. And they expect it on their own terms. They have provider choices they can make in a moment. They’re a click away from scheduling the care they need that can lead to better care delivery and improved health outcomes — whether it’s with your healthcare organization or a competitor.

Why It Matters

• Expanded access not only helps providers retain patients, it also attracts new patients - translating to higher revenue.

• Access to care directly impacts the quality of care.

• Financial incentives are linked to an organization’s ability to attract and retain patients and effectively manage the health of its population.

• Today’s consumers are more proactive and increasingly expect to receive care when and where they need it.

In an industry shifting to a consumer-centric mindset, it’s crucial to understand what patient populations need and expect when accessing care. Key factors to consider when assessing digital patient access strategies include after-hours booking and mobile experience...

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