[Free Ebook] From Crisis to Collaboration: How Payor-Provider Partnerships Facilitate
Value-Based Care and Digital Access

With the new normal comes a heightened urgency for payors and providers to collaborate through digital health technology and embrace a new approach to value-based care.

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  • An overview of recent trends in payor-provider partnerships
  • 10 strategies to improve payor-provider collaboration moving forward
  • Dr. David Nash's concept of "Capitation 3.0" and how it can help improve patient outcomes
  • An outlook on key initiatives such as value-based care, payviders, and data sharing



While healthcare payors and providers previously viewed each other as adversaries, the rise of value-based care has led to improved collaboration over the past several years. Under value-based payment models, payors and providers work together to identify gaps in care, improve health outcomes, and decrease costs.

However, although today’s payors and providers realize the value of collaboration, they oftentimes still fall short in execution. A 2019 survey of payors and providers by SPH Analytics revealed that, while
94% of respondents believed collaboration was key to success, 35% of payors and 24% of providers said “willingness to collaborate” was the biggest barrier to them achieving this goal...