Telemedicine: The New Normal in Accessing Care

COVID-19 has created a new normal in healthcare, one where digital access to care, and particularly telemedicine, are must-haves. In this webinar, speakers will share how they rapidly implemented telemedicine scheduling and created digital channels for patients to access telemedicine services. Speakers will also discuss how they plan to expand telemedicine and other digital health initiatives in the future to support digital access and delivery of care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how telemedicine and digital health initiatives fit into the new normal of healthcare
  • Learn the key digital channels patients need to access telemedicine services
  • Identify strategies to optimize telemedicine services and initiatives for better outcomes during and after COVID-19
  • Learn how your organization can expand access to telemedicine rapidly and effectively


Shannon Hubler, Chief Operating Officer at South Bend Clinic

Chris Gooder, Executive Director at OBGYN West

Haley Layh, Clinical Service Supervisor at OBGYN West

Jordan Pisarcik, Vice President of Growth and Customer Engagement at DocASAP