On-Demand Webinar for Healthcare Leaders

According to a recent survey, 54% of consumers have put off visiting a provider because scheduling care was too difficult – and 53% missed an appointment in the last year. For healthcare organizations, there is still a gap between consumer expectations and their experiences in accessing care. This can put health outcomes, the consumer experience and costs at risk.

Prevea Health, a multi-specialty physician group with 80 locations, will share how they implemented a digital strategy that leverages payor channels and matches consumers’ and providers’ needs to make accessing care easier. Prevea will discuss their approach to:

  • Expanding access through payor member apps and portals – 47% search for a provider this way
  • Navigating consumers seeking care to the optimal provider
  • Creating a consumer and provider-friendly online scheduling experience
  • Engaging consumers to better manage and prepare for their appointments 

Results for closing gaps in care, reducing no shows, and attracting new patients will be presented.  


  • Ashok Rai, M.D., President and CEO, Prevea Health
  • Jordan Pisarcik, Vice President, Growth and Customer Engagement, DocASAP