[Free Ebook] 10 Steps to Optimizing Virtual Care

This year, a vast majority of healthcare providers began delivering virtual care. Much of this setup and delivery happened rapidly in response to the pandemic.

As we look forward to 2021 and beyond the pandemic, what's next for virtual care? We dive into this question and provide recommendations based on the latest industry trends and consumer survey data.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • An overview of how virtual care has rapidly expanded

  • 10 strategies to optimize virtual care initiatives, with an eye toward the future

  • Recommendations on the type of metrics to help monitor and report out on for virtual care program expansion and success



Across the nation, hospitals and large practices have hastened to bring telehealth
online. To quantify this explosion in virtual care, Forrester’s Predictions in 2020 virtual care report forecasts that virtual medical visits will exceed 1 billion in 2020, due largely to COVID-19, which is expected to account for some 900 million virtual visits. Meanwhile, Doximity’s State of Telemedicine report calculates that by 2023, telemedicine will represent $106 billion in medical services.

With the recent explosion of virtual care as a backdrop, this ebook seeks to help healthcare leaders optimize and modify their existing telehealth initiatives and strategies. Based on the latest consumer preference data as well as our experiences with our own health system customers, we seek to arm you with actionable insights and impactful strategies to help position
your organization for success in 2021 and beyond...