[Free Ebook] How to Remove Roadblocks that Obstruct Patient Access to Behavioral Health

It is often unclear to patients how to find the right behavioral health provider at the right time and in the right care setting. As the pandemic generates new demand for behavioral health, how can providers achieve greater visibility of their availability online in order to connect patients with the right care?

We created this new, free ebook to help healthcare leaders answer this question, and to gain strategies to improve access to behavioral health services moving forward.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • An overview of patient access challenges in the behavioral health specialty.

  • Why health plans are a top digital access channel for behavioral health.

  • How telemedicine can reduce wait times and connect patients with more providers.

  • How to keep patients engaged beyond their first consultation.



The stresses that accompanied the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a dramatic increase in demand for behavioral health services. To make a difficult situation worse, widespread shutdowns and restrictions on medical appointments made it much harder to begin or continue behavioral therapy – no in-person groups, no in-office counseling, no face-to-face check-ins. Consumers consistently report that they cannot easily access behavioral health services.

Behavioral health providers need to achieve greater visibility – and greater accessibility – in order to help patients locate and connect quickly with a professional, and begin receiving much-needed help.

This ebook will explore digital health solutions for overcoming common roadblocks in the patient access journey towards timely behavioral health care...