On-Demand Webinar for Healthcare Leaders

Consumers increasingly expect ‘radical convenience’ -- or the ability to easily access the right care anywhere at any time -- from their healthcare providers. If they encounter too much friction and confusion in the patient experience, consumers are poised to move onto a competitor.  

In this webinar, learn how MercyOne applied ‘radical convenience’ across its connected system of health care facilities with an end-to-end digital front door strategy.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • What is “radical convenience” and why it’s important to both today’s healthcare consumer and health systems.
  • How standardizing the patient access experience, from provider search and online scheduling to digital check-in, across your organization can save costs and foster consumer loyalty.
  • Best practices for creating a unified brand that stands out against competitors.


  • Matt Dietz, Division Director of Digital and Virtual Care Strategies at MercyOne

  • Jordan Pisarcik, VP of Business Development and Account Management at DocASAP