Ebook: Catching up to the Healthcare Consumer

To provide insight into the demands of the healthcare consumer, and to investigate how providers are meeting these demands, we partnered with OnePoll to conduct a survey. We added these insights to other industry research to provide an informed view of key consumer trends affecting the healthcare industry.

Download this Ebook to gain insights including:
  • The most common barriers for consumers when trying to access care
  • The overlooked channel that consumers go to more often than Google to search for a provider
  • How consumer expectations for access to care compare across demographic groups
  • A comprehensive list of recommendations for providers to help meet consumer demands and improve efficiency, network integrity, new customer acquisition, and more



With the seismic transfer of greater financial responsibility to patients over the last decade, healthcare consumers have more skin in the game than ever to manage their own care. Over this same time period, the rise of digital technologies has given consumers unprecedented power. Newly minted patients-turned-consumers are demanding the same access, convenience, and transparency they experience with the retail and consumer goods industries. They are accustomed to getting what they need, when they need it…and if these needs are not met, they are prepared to go elsewhere. As a result, healthcare providers feel the pressure to upgrade their consumer experience, with a dual drive to improve access to care and enhance patient engagement. Are they meeting the mark?

To shed some light on this question, we partnered with OnePoll, a leading research firm, to conduct a survey to gain a more accurate understanding of consumer demands around patient access and engagement and how healthcare providers are meeting these expectations. One thousand U.S. adults who have seen a healthcare provider in the last 12 months were surveyed. In this report, we share our findings, discuss challenges and gaps in patient access and engagement, and offer strategies to help providers better meet the demands of their patients.

Patient Access: Consumers are Setting the Bar

Fueled by a 24/7 internet-enabled environment, it comes as no surprise that today’s consumers demand better access to healthcare. First, they want to schedule an appointment at their convenience. According to a 2018 Deloitte Insights Survey, a large majority of consumers now shop online and use online or mobile banking. Their use of technology in healthcare, while lagging other industries, has steadily increased since 2015. For example, 59% of consumers now use technology to refill prescriptions and 75% receive digital medication alerts...