Ebook: A Digital Engagement Approach to Driving Value-Based Care

With the shift to value-based care, health systems and medical providers need to rethink their care and engagement models to stay competitive. Digital patient engagement and digital care coordination are two strategies that healthcare providers can employ to facilitate patient-centric care and value-based care.

Download this offer to gain insights including:

  1. A vision for patient-centric care, and where providers are falling short

  2. Best practices for how providers can communicate and engage with each generation 

  3. How to enable care coordination for better outcomes

  4. Recommendations to implement to support value-based care initiatives



As value-based care continues to gain momentum, health systems and medical providers need to rethink their strategies for staying competitive and financially stable. Proving quality outcomes and patient satisfaction are now the lifeblood of healthcare providers’ businesses. An aging population, unprecedented levels of chronic disease and growing consumerism further intensify the pressure to
deliver high quality care at a lower cost.

Today’s value-based payment models demand superior care coordination and enhanced patient engagement. Implementing a collaborative patient-centric care management strategy that empowers patients to access the right care at the right time across the healthcare continuum can pave the way to high-quality outcomes. A technological approach that encompasses both digital engagement and digital care coordination enables healthcare providers to facilitate
implementation of this strategy and boost the likelihood of succeeding in a value-based healthcare marketplace...