Join us for our New Normal interview series where industry executive leaders share their perspectives on where healthcare is heading.

Dr. David Nash


Dr. Nash tackles why it took a pandemic to stress population health and pop health management’s importance.

1 Minute

Dr. David Nash

The Importance of Population Health

Dr. David Nash explains the importance of population health management and why the industry is finally embracing population health.

7 Minutes


Dr. David Nash

A Frictionless Patient Experience

Dr. David Nash shares how digital health technologies, such as telemedicine and virtual care, removes friction from patient access.

10 Minutes


Dr. David Nash

Value-Based Care's Future

Dr. Nash shares his radical view of Value-Based Care’s future - Capitation 3.0 – and how it can gain traction.

6 Minutes

Dr. David Nash

Societal Reevaluation

Dr. Nash takes on what societal issue needs to be re-examined as we head into healthcare’s new normal.

4 Minutes