Navigate Patients with a Free COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool


As COVID-19 continues to spread, we see the strain it has put on providers as well as the anxiety it has created: are the people we love infected?

So we’ve taken further steps to support our healthcare communities. DocASAP has created a free COVID-19 self-assessment tool to help better inform people what course of action to take, reduce the influx of patients to care settings who aren’t at risk, and ensure a safer environment for delivering and receiving care. 

The tool navigates patients through a series of questions...[Read Article]




5 Patient Access and Engagement Strategies in Response to COVID-19


Patient access and patient engagement have rapidly transformed from an industry conversation into a nationwide public health issue. As coronavirus cases escalate and the public and private sectors collaborate to contain the outbreak, health organizations are stepping up to increase access to vital services and directly engage patients with the latest coronavirus news and prevention best practices.

These five responses are defining how healthcare organizations will approach patient access and engagement during this turbulent time...[Read Article]



Supporting Providers, Patients and Access to Care During COVID-19


DocASAP is committed to supporting our healthcare provider community as they rapidly respond to COVID-19. We’re working closely with healthcare systems and physician practices that are adapting their patient access procedures to ensure a safe environment for delivering care. Our team is supporting this by deploying patient access and engagement capabilities that help these organizations navigate patients to the appropriate care setting and provide them with vital information about accessing care. 

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Starting now, all DocASAP clients can enable scheduling of telehealth visits directly through the DocASAP platform or navigation of patients to third-party telemedicine services:

  • Optimize capacity for providers during high-volume times
  • Protect providers and patients from exposure to COVID-19 
  • Ensure patients receive safe and timely care


Valuable COVID-19 Resources

The entire industry is working together to release tools and insights related to the pandemic.

Connect with these resources to stay informed of the latest COVID-19 information: